Lloyd sells BIOS, gives us nothing

bios logoIn our recent post,  regarding Terrie Lloyd’s continuing non-payment of over ¥200m he owes from his purchase of Metropolis magazine we noted:

As it stands, Lloyd still has all his assets: He still has the three-story house with swimming pool in Shibuya; He still has Metropolis magazineJapanTourist.jp and MetroWorks KK; and he still has Linc MediaJapan Inc HoldingsTerrie’s Take, the unfortunately-namedDoglovers.jp, and BIOS. If Lloyd and his wife were decent people they would sell or transfer these assets so we can get paid. But they are greedy scumbags who think they can get away with it.

Today we found out that Lloyd actually sold BIOS to Telemarketing Japan in late July. Of course, Lloyd did not tell us about this event, despite the fact that he and his business partner David Wells have been promising for years that they would pay us from this money.  Terrie also misled our intermediary that BIOS was being damaged by our blog when in fact it was being sold at that very moment.

We have no doubt that, as a profitable company that has 110 employees, Lloyd made millions of dollars off of the sale, yet he decided not only not to tell us about the sale, but to give us a lowball offer of ¥20 million, and then refused to pay ¥1.5 million out of the millions he just made, so that we could save our business and our lives in the U.S.


2 thoughts on “Lloyd sells BIOS, gives us nothing

  1. There is no dealing with Terry Lloyd. The man has demonstrated multiple times that his word is not to be counted upon.

    His undercover sale of BIOS suggests that he might be trying to make a run from JPN as the heat rises around him from his various business deals gone bad. However, the fact that we know he settled in cash with the one and only creditor who was relentlessly pursuing him in the aim of having criminal charges laid, suggests that Terry Lloyd knows he is exposed to the possibility of prosecution, which could either land him in jail, or at least destroy his credibility and thus his ability to fool any other unwitting victims.

    There’s an old saying: “Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.” Don’t join the many victims whom Terry Lloyd has fooled multiple times. Sue him in court and seek criminal charges through all available avenues till the day you get paid.

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