Terrie Lloyd Metropolis Default

These documents outline our personal experience during the sale of Metropolis to Terrie Lloyd (テリー・ロイド), the CEO of Japan Travel, his subsequent non-payment, and his attempts to hide Metropolis assets by transferring them to his business partner, David Wells. They are provided as a matter of public interest. While many experienced foreigners in Japan know to avoid Terrie Lloyd, many newcomers to Japan, and Japanese people who are not familiar with the foreign community, are not aware of his business dealings. We strongly urge caution if you are considering entering into any deal with him.

After 14 years of building Metropolis magazine into the No.1 English magazine in Japan, we sold it to Terrie Lloyd, agreeing to be paid out over three years. Terrie, his wife Kumiko Lloyd, and David Wells, his business partner, all signed a Guarantee Agreement saying that in the event of a default that we would receive property in Shibuya or other assets. In September 2010 Terrie Lloyd defaulted on the final ¥160 million payment. Terrie Lloyd, his wife Kumiko Lloyd, and David Wells, continue to refuse to honor their guarantees.

In fact, just a few weeks after they had all signed the Guarantee Agreement, Terrie and Kumiko Lloyd remortgaged the property with Shinsei Bank, taking all the value out it, and leaving nothing for us. To do this, Terrie Lloyd had cunningly manipulated us, as friends, into not registering a lien on the property with Japan’s Legal Affairs Office. This was no error. Terrie Lloyd and his wife Kumiko Lloyd signed a Guarantee Agreement with us knowing they had already promised the property to the bank. They had planned to cheat us all along. Despite the lack of a lien, the Guarantee Agreement still stands and Terrie Lloyd and Kumiko Lloyd still owe us the money, or the property, or other assets.


In recent documents submitted to Tokyo District Court, Terrie Lloyd continues to lie:

  1. Thinking that we did not have a copy of the Guarantee Agreement signed by his wife Kumiko Lloyd, he claimed that she had not signed the document. We provided her signed copy to the court.
  2. He claimed he did not trick us into not registering a lien on the property, even though he admits guaranteeing his property to us after he had already arranged to mortgage the same property to Shinsei Bank.
  3. He said that rather than tricking us, that it was he who refused to allow a lien to be registered because his wife Kumiko did not want to guarantee their property to us. This argument fell apart when we provided the Guarantee Agreement that she had signed.
  4. He claims he did not conspire to hide his assets, even though his own evidence confirmed that was exactly what he did.
  5. He tried to diminish the value of the Guarantee Agreement, saying it was “a lower form of collateral”.


Also, during our investigation, we found the case of Ms Matsumoto, who successfully sued Terrie Lloyd in court in 2010 for cheating her out of an investment of ¥10 million. Ms Matsumoto described her dealings with Lloyd as “fraud”.


If Terrie Lloyd wants to be released from his obligation to pay us for whatever one of the bullshit reasons he has come up with, he must, as our contracts state, enter into arbitration under the rules of Japan’s Commercial Arbitration Association. Until then he continues to be in default, and all of his claims are unproven. It’s only a matter of time before we have the funds to take him to Arbitration ourselves, but if Terrie Lloyd is so confident that he could avoid paying us over ¥200 million, we wonder why he has not initiated his own arbitration claim, despite having the funds to start the case in these past years.

In the end, none of his claims change the fact that Terrie Lloyd still owes us over ¥200 million, cheated us out of our collateral, and attempted to hide his assets from us and other creditors. We will be sure to get justice in the end.

We’d also like to say a few words to the friends and family who have supported us through these past years. Thank you so much for being there for us. We cannot, and will not, forget all that you have done for us.

If you would like further information, or access to original documents, please contact Mark at sparkzilla@gmail.com. All inquiries will be kept confidential.

Mark & Mary Devlin


How Terrie Lloyd Cheated Us

How Terrie Lloyd Hid His Assets

Terrie Lloyd Matsumoto Case



日本におけるナンバーワンの英語雑誌として、14年間メトロポリスを築き上げ、私たちは、テリー・ロイドに雑誌を売ることを決め、3年の間彼が払うことに合意した。テリーと彼の妻、くみこ・ロイド、そして彼のビジネス・パートナーデビッド・ウェルズは、債務不履行の際、渋谷の不動産や他の財産を私たちが受け取るということで保証契約を締結した。2010年9月、テリー・ロイドは、 最後の160百万円の支払いを不履行した。テリー・ロイド、彼の妻くみこ・ロイド、そしてデビッド・ウェルズは、かれらの保証すべきことを引き続き拒否している。実際に、彼らが保証契約を締結した数週間後、テリーとくみこ・ロイドは新生銀行で彼らの不動産を再び抵当に入れ、つまり、それは、すべての価値を取り上げ、私たちに何も残さないということである。




1 私たちがくみこ・ロイドが署名した保証契約書のコピーをもっていないとし、彼は彼女が署名をしていないと言った。私たちは、彼女の署名コピーを裁判所に提出した。
2 彼は、新生銀行で同じ不動産を担保した後、彼の不動産を私たちに保証しているにも関わらず、彼は不動産の先取特権を登録していないことに関して、騙していないと主張した。
3 彼は、私たちを騙すというよりも、彼が先取特権を登録することを拒否したという。なぜなら、彼の妻くみこが私たちへ不動産の保証をしたくなかったからだという。この議論は、彼女が保証書に署名をしたコピーの証拠があるため、偽りである。
4 彼は、彼のそれをした証拠があるにも関わらず、彼の財産を隠したつもりはないという。
5 彼は、「担保よりも低い価値のフォーム」であるとし、保証書の価値を減少させようとした。






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