He couldn’t believe it when she jumped. High on the ledge. One minute she was there and the next gone. Just like that. All day she had been depressed. As the tears formed he knew she was on her way to a better place. ‘Hey honey, what’s up?’ he’d asked … Continue reading


For the first time in years Simon Jones was having fun. He was painting. He was sick of them all. Especially Andy. Andy was getting more boring by the day. The weird thing was that even though he was the reasonable one, the others seemed to side with Andy. Even … Continue reading

Fear of Flying

They were stuck on that damn island with no way to get off. A horrible, horrible maze of a place with the threat of danger all around. Months of work, finally finished and now they couldn’t get home. Of course, it was dad’s idea to come here. Lured by the … Continue reading