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I had an interest in recording from an early age. When I went to Japan I was able to build up a small home studio in my apartment in Iidabashi. Based around a Macintosh Quadra 950 , I bought an 8-track Pro Tools II system from the U.S. which cost over $10,000 and set it up with — for that time — a massive 25MB hard drive.

Most backing tracks were made on Cubase recording software using an Ensoniq sampler and keyboard and my Fender Flame guitar. My prized possessions were a Neumann U87 microphone (which was stolen) and a Drawmer 1960 valve compressor.

Together with Chris Hall we recorded five songs using the system. Chris wrote the music and most of the words and played the guitar. I programmed the drums and the keyboards and worked up the extra arrangements, and some guitar overdubs too.

Unfortunately, we didn’t have any connections in Japan and the rest of the world was very far away so our songs didn’t get much exposure, and time moved on. I’d love to re-record these with new technology one day.

Sadly, Chris passed away in 2010. In my humble opinion, these songs, especially I Pledge Allegiance, are a testament to his talent.